It all started at See’s…

My mom and grandmother loved See’s Candy!  Any time we went shopping, I could always count on stopping in their beautiful store for a treat for me and a box of delicious chocolates for them to share with the rest of the family and guests in our home.

One day, as I walked in to the store, little did I know that the visit would set something in motion that would affect me years later; the lady behind the display had the most beautiful, loving smile as she handed me a sample chocolate.  The look in her eyes showed her joy in giving a child a piece a candy which not only gave me joy in return, but I felt something move within my heart that would eventually give me the realization that joy is reciprocal.

While I served my precious mama as her caregiver, I decided to make jewelry as a way to relax and tap into the creativity my parents passed down to me.  One day, a friend of mine asked me to make a pair of earrings for a friend on her birthday.  We sat down, I showed her what I had to offer, and together, we designed the earrings and I assembled them.  The feedback was amazing, her friend was so excited and couldn’t believe that they were made just for her.  In addition, the time my friend took in designing the earrings caused their relationship to deepen.  It was that moment when the seed that was planted in me as a child started to grow.  Throughout the years, I would buy jewelry for others, and although there are fabulous designers that have gorgeous pieces out, there are times when it’s challenging to find the piece that perfectly represents the regard the giver has for the recipient.

Out of this, “Create Something Magnificent” was born!  Together, you and I will create an individual piece of jewelry from my selection of Sterling Silver, copper and enameled chain, leather and satin cord, ribbon, porcelain, glass, and metal beads, pearls, shells, coral, Swarovski crystal and more!

Included with your order, is a custom greeting card containing the photo of the giver, a video with a message from the giver to the recipient embedded in a QR code, and a description of the colors and/or materials used and the personalities associated with them.

Gift certificates are available

Please allow 2-5 weeks for delivery

As a company that supports women and their family with life events or crisis, Kaduka is pleased and honored to be associated with New Day Women’s Center, a non-profit serving needs throughout the community.  For a $1 donation, anyone can choose a bead from a select group that will be placed on a necklace that will be on display at the offices.  100% of the donation will be used in a scholarship program to assist those in need of counseling but have financial restraints.  Please visit their website at: http://newdaywomenscenter.com/

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Photo courtesy of Bryson Kim of BKimPhotography.  Please visit his site for excellent photography services at: http://www.bkimphotography.com/

His profile is also available on Facebook.


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